Tree Care & Removal

Diagnosing And Treating Tree Problems 
Briarcliff Manor,Chappaqua,Irvington & Westchester County, NY

Evaluate. Diagnose. Care.

We specialize in proper tree care from young bushes to mature trees.

Some reasons why pruning is a good way to keep your property healthy:

Aesthetic Appearance
If left unattended, trees will follow their natural growth habit. To keep up your home’s curb appeal, proper maintenance is required. We have the vision to create a balance between healthy parameters and aesthetically pleasing trees.

Eliminating diseased branches is essential to allow the circulation of air and sun through the tree canopy. This allows the tree to naturally prevent and combat fungal diseases.

Building Interference
Trees planted years ago have a tendency of interfering with roofs, siding, gutters, patios, or sidewalks. Pruning these problem areas will not only save your home, it will do so without hurting the tree.

Professional Tree Care

Preventive Measures
As tree limbs grow, they become more subject to breakage from snow and ice during the windy winter months. Proper thinning of leaves and branches during these times significantly reduces these risks.

Sometimes a tree is past the point of saving. After diagnosis, a decision may be made to remove the problem tree. We are fully equipped to remove and dispose of unsafe trees and offer complete cleanup of the debris. 
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